As a top Cambridge Courier service we know that promises are easy – that’s why we give you guarantees.

Guarantee One. On time delivery : If we ever fail to deliver at the agreed time, we’ll give you double your money back.

Guarantee Two. On time collection : If we haven’t collected from your premises within 15 minutes of the agreed time, we’ll knock 10% off every minute until you get the job for free; no matter where it’s  going in the country.

Guarantee Three. Excellent service If we fail to meet your service expectations at any time, or we’re not polite, courteous and professional, we won’t charge you a penny.


We have been using Grabbit & Run for over a year now…always found their staff to be very helpful..they always go the extra mile to keep customers happy. They phone me with proof of delivery when items are delivered. I’ve even called them at 4 in the morning…they never complain – just get on with the job.
International Pharmaceutical Company
You were recommended by our Cambridge office in 2001. I have not used an alternative courier company since. It is nice doing business with you…excellent performance.
International Computer Manufacturers
You’re too efficient for words. We have been using Grabbit & Run for many years and find your service exceptional. You are very honest, helpful and reliable and we couldn’t ask for a better service.
Large National Legal Practice,
Grabbit & Run consistently provide rapid collections, a great reliable service and their prices are pretty good too.
Pharmaceutical Company
Your service has always been excellent.
Medical Company
Grabbit & Run give a great service, are always helpful and friendly and make it very easy to send any type of shipment anywhere. Ten out of Ten.
Addenbrookes Hospital. Dep't Medicine
I would recommend Grabbit & Run to anyone. We’ve never had any problems and always received excellent service.
We’re very happy with the service. You’re reliable, friendly and the prices are good too.
Large Legal Practice
I have been using Grabbit and Run for many years in different companies I have worked.  I have always found them prompt, polite and helpful.  I’ve tried other courier firms in the past who have not matched Grabbit and Run’s efficiency and customer service.  I’m very happy to recommend them.
Large Payments Company

9 Great Reasons Why Grabbit & Run Is ‘The Courier Of Choice’

For Over 500 Cambridge Companies, And Should Be Yours Too!

  • We’ve A Proven track record in delivering our customers’ promises with 99.98% of the last 90,000 deliveries to the right place, at the right time.
  • Whether you need an Express Same day Courier, UK overnight or International deliveries from Cambridge or the surrounding area, we offer premium quality at highly competitive prices.
  • UK wide coverage with just one call. We have access to over 2,500 quality vetted vehicles and drivers involved in thousands of deliveries across the UK – so we can collect and deliver back to Cambridge or anywhere in the country as easy as 1,2,3.
  • We commit to excellence in everything we do. You are literally the most important thing in our world. We recognise that you trust us to do our best, and we really, really, don’t want to let you down. And our guarantees mean that if we let you down……. in any way whatsoever……… not only do we not get paid……… we actually refund up to double your money.  It’s an extremely effective way of ensuring we do the job right, each and every time.

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  • We keep our promises, so you can keep yours. We’re unique in guaranteeing everything we do, and this means that you can place your trust in us absolutely, because we have a vested interest in doing the job correctly.
  • We’ve been in business since 1993, and with clients across an impressive array of industries, using us for Express and International deliveries….we can normally solve any problem.
  • We’ve kept the same office team as well, and virtually all the drivers too…which means they’re happy where they work, and that reflects in the job we do for you.
  • We provide a personal touch. Whether it’s an urgent express, an overnight or an international delivery, you’ll only ever speak to a team who are at the sharp end of things – the people who know and care about how your job is going.
  • What we quote is what you pay. No hidden surcharges, costs or surprises. Unless it’s your birthday…………….we do like to surprise you on your birthday!