Same Day Courier Service

Need a same day Cambridge courier service faster than you can say “Grabbit & Run”? We offer 24/7 same day delivery. We’ll deliver to anywhere in the UK… (and did we mention we’ll do it same day?)

Cambridge Local Same Day Courier Service Grabbit and Run Couriers

24 Hour Delivery Service

At Grabbit and Run, we understand that same-day means delivering things fast, no matter when. That’s why we don’t just promise our services, we guarantee them!

We’re proud to say we’re the only courier to offer these guarantees.

Cambridge Local Same Day Courier Service Grabbit and Run Couriers

We Deliver Anywhere!

If you need something urgent delivered locally, or across the UK, get in touch! We’re Cambridge-based, but our same day delivery service stretches FAR past that, collecting & delivering anywhere in the UK, same day, tackling congestion zones and traffic jams so you don’t have to!

Need something delivered from Cambridge to London? We’ve got you covered. Choose from urgent immediate delivery or more sedate end-of-day.

Cambridge Local Same Day Courier Service Grabbit and Run Couriers

We Don't Just Promise, We Guarantee!

Everything we do, from service levels to on-time collection and delivery, is supported by our awesome double-your-money-back guarantees.

You don’t have to worry about your package being delayed. We’re the only courier you’ll find in Cambridge (or, in fact, anywhere) who guarantees on-time delivery with up to double your money back. So, if you have a delivery that is urgent, confidential, or time-sensitive, you can be sure that we’ll move heaven and earth to get it there on time. And yes, that’s guaranteed.

A Local Same-Day Courier Service Trusted by Over 900 Top Cambridge Companies

Grabbit & Run has been trading since 1993. We are proud to be Cambridge’s largest, family-owned, independent, and award-winning courier. Customers love us. It could be our excellent and friendly service, our stellar 5* reviews on Google and Yell, or our incredible on-time delivery guarantees. If fantastic service and on-time delivery matter to you, we guarantee to make it happen.

Our 3 Unique Guarantees

Cambridge Local Same Day Courier Service Grabbit and Run Couriers

1. On-Time Collection, Every Time.

If we fail to collect within 15 minutes of the agreed time, we’ll knock 10% off every minute until you get the job for free, no matter where it’s going in the country.

Cambridge Local Same Day Courier Service Grabbit and Run Couriers

2. On-Time Delivery, Always.

If we fail to deliver at the agreed time, we’ll happily give you up to DOUBLE your money back.

Cambridge Local Same Day Courier Service Grabbit and Run Couriers

3. Excellent Service, With a Smile.

If we fail to meet your service expectations at any time, or we’re not polite, courteous, and professional, we won’t charge you a penny.

Want to try our service for FREE? Nope, that’s not a typo.

We’re so convinced you’ll be over the moon once you’ve used us, we have a few ways you can try us out for free.

Provided you meet our ‘user & spend’ profiles, we will happily prove ourselves over several jobs up to £150, completely FREE OF CHARGE! Of course, this will cost us money. Frankly, it’s worth it because we know that once people use us, they’ll want to carry on.

Want to know more? Get in touch with the Grabbiteers today to see what a difference we could make.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many vehicles do you have in Cambridge - how can you be sure they’ll be available when same-day jobs come up?

We have over 30 vehicles available in Cambridge and access to thousands more across the country, and our large (and constantly growing) fleet of vehicles, plus our connections in the industry, mean that from small to large vans and even articulated trucks… we’ve got you covered.

What do customers say about us?

You can see what our past and present customers have to say on our site, and on Google and Yell. Their feedback shows how we consistently go the extra mile (pun intended) to deliver the Wow! and that 99.99% of our last 325,000 UK same day deliveries were made on time.

Is it possible to track my same day delivery?

Absolutely. You receive an email on collection and on delivery, and we continually track all our vehicles in real-time until your delivery has been made – so we can quickly stop small problems becoming bigger ones. It’s part of the reason why over 900 top Cambridge companies choose Grabbit & Run as their courier of choice. The fact is, we’re as reliable as a wet British summer and so flexible you’d think we’re made of rubber.

You’ve probably found that every courier claims to be the best thing since sliced bread. That’s why we’d prefer you don’t just take our word for it but check out our stellar 5* reviews.

What types of deliveries can you help me with?

Our range of vehicles readily available in Cambridge means we can deliver pretty much anything – documents, boxes, pallets, machinery – all delivered on time with no stress, no fuss, and no hassle.

What happens if my goods get damaged?

It’s extremely rare, but we have quality Goods In Transit insurance which insure your goods to a standard minimum of £20,000 – and this can even be adjusted for specific one-offs.

I'm worried about hidden costs and surcharges - will that happen?

Nope. Never. Not once. You see, we get it. No one likes to be quoted a price and then receive ‘surprise’ extras. The good news? You don’t have to worry. What we quote you is what you pay. That’s it.

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