It can be risky sending a birthday card in the post, never mind sensitive or legal documents!

So why gamble with the postal service when you can choose a secure courier service to handle your sensitive documents with the utmost care and in a timely manner? 

At Grabbit and Run, we offer speedy and secure delivery for all your sensitive documents, ensuring they arrive on time and in one piece. 

Choosing the right courier service for you is crucial when sending important documents. You don’t want to be wondering whether it will arrive on time or if it is lost in the post! In this guide, we have listed some of the key questions you must ask yourself before choosing a courier service to ensure your documents are in safe hands.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Courier Service 

1. Can I track my parcel?

There is nothing worse than thinking your package has been lost in transit. This is even more daunting when it’s sensitive documents. 

One way to reduce the risk of losing your consignments is to ensure the courier service you choose has a tracking system. Using a courier who will track your parcel closely and notify you of any delivery issues or traffic delays that will impact the delivery time of your parcel is crucial in giving you peace of mind.

2. Is the courier reliable and trustworthy?

You don’t want to choose a courier service that has a one-star customer rating on Google! 

By checking the reviews of real customers, you will be able to see whether a courier is reliable and trustworthy. This will give you insight into what the company is really like and whether you can trust them to handle your sensitive documents. 

3. Are there different delivery options?

Sometimes, documents need to be sent urgently or more securely than usual. This means you should check the different types of delivery services a courier offers. 

You may decide to use same-day delivery to reduce handling and the risk of damage, but does the courier service offer this? This factor will narrow down the range of courier services you have to choose from. 

4. If my items are lost, is it covered by insurance?

Does the courier cover this if the worst happens and your sensitive documents are either lost or damaged?

Accidents can happen, so it’s important to note any insurance coverage or guarantees that the courier puts in place. Compare the terms and conditions offered by different couriers to see what they are willing to cover.

5. Are they experienced professionals?

When it comes to sensitive documents, you want to have the peace of mind that your items are being handled by professionals. 

An experienced courier is perfect for these jobs as they have years of experience in dealing with sensitive documents. Why choose to be stressed when you can be stress-free with Grabbit and Run, expert couriers with 30 years of experience? 

6. Can they send my items internationally?

If getting your post lost in the UK isn’t bad enough, imagine losing your sensitive documents overseas.

You might be a business that needs to send sensitive documents internationally all the time, or you might only need this service occasionally. Nevertheless, you might want to consider whether a courier service offers international delivery, what their global network is like, and whether they have connections with reliable couriers overseas. 

7. Do they have good customer support services?

Issues and delays can happen, and when they do, who do you contact? 

Having a reliable customer service team can make all the difference when you are worrying about whether your sensitive documents will arrive on time or if you need to redirect your items. The more effective the communication is from a courier service, the less stressed you will be if any issues arise. 

Choosing A Courier For Your Sensitive Documents Grabbit and Run Couriers

Benefits of Choosing a Courier Service Over a Postal Service

If you are still unsure whether a courier service is the right choice for you when it comes to sending sensitive documents, take a look at some of the benefits you could experience by choosing a courier. 

  • Speed: Regular postal services are slower than a dedicated courier service, meaning you can ensure your sensitive documents are delivered in a timely manner when using a courier service. 
  • Tracking and Monitoring: Postal services now offer tracking. However, a courier service can provide more data with the use of advanced tracking systems, meaning you have full visibility of your items. 
  • Secure Handling: Courier services typically offer a more secure delivery service than the regular postal service. This is because they have policies in place that ensure your sensitive documents are not lost or damaged. 
  • Reliability: It is well known that courier services are more reliable than a postal service when it comes to timely deliveries. This means if you have sensitive documents that need to be delivered urgently, couriers are able to guarantee they will be delivered on time.
  • Customer Support: Regular postal services and courier services offer customer support. However, you may have to wait in a long queue before you get through to an operator. This is not typically the case with a courier service; communication is generally more efficient, meaning you can spend less time waiting, causing less disruption to your day. 

Protect Your Sensitive Documents With Grabbit & Run

If you don’t want to risk your sensitive documents being lost or damaged, ask yourself these questions. 

Your time is better spent researching a good courier service than fretting over your mishandled sensitive documents! 

If you’re looking for a courier that has tracking, is reliable and trustworthy, offers a range of delivery options, and MORE, you’ve found them. 

At Grabbit and Run, we offer secure delivery of sensitive documents by experts who have been in the industry for over 30 years. You can choose from same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and international delivery, whatever suits you! 

With 5-star reviews and an on-time delivery guarantee or up to DOUBLE your money back, you can have peace of mind knowing your sensitive documents are in safe hands. 

Sound like a good deal? Contact us today, and we will ensure your sensitive documents are delivered on time. 

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