So, you’re in the market for a delivery van? Well, buckle up. We’re here to help! At Grabbit & Run, this isn’t our first rodeo. As the courier of choice for over 900 top Cambridge companies, we know a thing or two about making deliveries quickly and efficiently (just ask about our double money-back guarantee!). And having the right delivery vans for the job goes a long way in keeping our promise. 

We’re about to share our expertise with you so you can learn the top tips and tricks for choosing the right van for your delivery needs! If you don’t have time to spare, we recommend you take advantage of our expert customer operations team – our Grabbiteers are only a call away and are always happy to help!

Choosing the Right Van For Your Delivery Grabbit and Run Couriers
oosing Your Trusty Ride: A Look at Available Delivery Vans

Alright, let’s dive into the world of delivery vans, but more specifically, what’s available. Picture this: a fleet of vans standing in line, waiting for you to pick the one that fits your delivery dreams. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s on offer:

Light Commercial Vans

Firstly, we’ve got the light commercial vans. Think of them as the agile sprinters of the delivery world. These champs are designed to handle smaller loads and zip around the city like nobody’s business, perfect for those quick trips from one end of town to the other. They’re the go-to choice for getting things done within the city limits.

Heavy Commercial Vans

Now, heavy commercial vans mean serious business. Got a mountain of deliveries for the long haul? These vans are your best pals. They’re built to carry bigger loads and handle those cross-country adventures like champs. These are the giants ready to take on the open road.

Refrigerated Vans

Next up, the coolest vans in the world—the refrigerated vans. These are not just your average vans. They’re lifesavers (or life-extenders) for your perishable goods. Equipped with built-in refrigeration units, they keep things chilly, ensuring things stay fresh during those sweltering summer deliveries. However, if you’re finding it tricky to get your hands on a refrigerated van, here at Grabbit & Run, we’re always ready to top you up with dry ice to pack your precious perishables. 

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Van

Choosing a new van is no small decision. Do you have the space for it? Can you afford the fuel to keep it running? There’s so much to think about! Here are a few factors you should consider when choosing a van to ensure it is a worthwhile purchase. 

1. Cargo Capacity and Size

First things first, let’s talk space. It’s not just about fitting in your morning gym bag; we’re talking about boxes, parcels, and all things delivery. Size matters! You wouldn’t want to play Tetris every time you load up and then Jenga when you unload! Determine your delivery volume and pick a van that can handle it without looking like a clown car.

2. Fuel Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness

Green is the new black, or so they say. But hey, who doesn’t love saving a few pennies while saving the planet? Opt for a van that sips its fuel like it’s enjoying a fine wine. You’ll be cruising around town with a guilt-free conscience and a happier wallet.

3. Maneouverability and Navigational Ease

Ever tried parallel parking a tank? We don’t recommend it. Picture this: tight streets, unexpected twists, and traffic that’s busier than a beehive. Make sure to choose something nimble enough to navigate the chaos like a pro.

4. Tech Savvy and Tracking Powers

Gone are the days when a van had just four wheels and a steering wheel. Now, it’s all about the tech. Real-time tracking isn’t just a luxury; it’s key for keeping everyone in the loop. Your customers will love it, and you’ll save loads of time not having to keep explaining where you are!

Introducing Engine Type into the Mix

Now, let’s talk engines! Yep, the heart and soul of your van. When aiming for fuel efficiency, the engine type is your secret weapon. Here’s the lowdown:

Diesel vs. Petrol and Electric vs. Hybrid

Diesel engines have been the top dog in the delivery van world for a while, but they come with a catch – higher maintenance costs and those pesky air pollution concerns. With clean air zones on the rise, we may see their economic prowess begin to decline.

Electric vans like the E-Transit and Mercedes eSprinter are the cool new kids on the block. They’re environmentally friendly but come with a hefty price tag and some uncertainties about future maintenance costs. Their range might be a day’s worth of local deliveries, but recharging could be a headache for long-haul missions.

As environmental laws tighten, electric vans might become mandatory in many areas. Keeping an eye on these evolving rules might be the key to staying ahead in the delivery game.

Remember, choosing the right engine isn’t just about today; it’s about staying ahead of the curve for tomorrow’s delivery demands!

Rely on Our Expert Courier Services

When it comes to navigating the maze of delivery vans and choosing the perfect wheels for your needs, you can count on us to steer you in the right direction. At Grabbit & Run, we don’t just promise on-time deliveries; we guarantee them with a smile. With our double money-back guarantee, we put our money where our mouth is.

Our team understands the ins and outs of the delivery world, from selecting the most suitable van to ensuring your parcels reach their destination swiftly and securely. With a commitment to excellence, immediate proof of delivery, and a warm and personalised touch, we’re not just a courier service; we’re your reliable partner in making every delivery a success. 

Contact us today to arrange your next delivery.

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