Can you help?

I know it’s a little cheeky, but I wanted to beg a small favour.

As you know – the web plays a major part in how new customers look for businesses – and Google is by far the biggest search engine.

The thing is, while we get told all the time how brilliant our services are, we don’t actually have that many reviews on Google, (we’re aiming for over 100) and it would be fantastic if you could leave us one!

It’s really quick and easy to do….

  1. Click on the link below.  (You may need to press the control button and click on the link at the same time).

     After you have clicked on it, you will see Grabbit and Run Couriers. 

     Underneath our name is a link that says ‘Be the first to review’. 

  1. If you click on this then if you are already logged into Google you can go ahead and leave us a review, or if you’re not already logged in, you can log in or create a new account.
  2. Share your thoughts….

A five star review would be wonderful and hugely appreciated, but if you don’t feel we are worthy of five stars please let us know why – we’d hate to think we’ve not done our best for you.

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