Our Courier Service Guarantees!

No Empty Promises – Just Guarantees Means We’re A Delivery Company You Can Rely On. Watch our video to learn more

What’s more important to you. Someone who promises to do the job right… or someone who guarantees it?

Many people promise. Few will guarantee. It’s one of the things that set’s us way apart from the competition.

You see, we support every single thing we do with up to double your money back guarantees.

No other courier does that. Not one.

Best of all, our guarantees cover literally everything we do – from the way we talk to, and support, you and your clients – right through to the collection and on-time delivery of your consignments.

And they really do make a difference… proven by a 99.99% on-time delivery record over our last 325,000 deliveries.

Here’s what they are:

Guarantee One

A commitment to excellent service.

If we fail to meet your service expectations at any time, or we’re not polite, courteous and professional, we won’t charge you a penny.

Guarantee Two

On time delivery.
If we ever fail to deliver at the agreed time, we’ll give you up to DOUBLE your money back.

Guarantee Three

On time collection.

If we haven’t collected from your premises within 15 minutes of the agreed time, we’ll knock 10% off every minute until you get the job for free, no matter where it’s going in the country.

You can even put us to the test for FREE.

Simply contact our sales team, and providing you meet our business ‘user & spend’ profiles we will prove ourselves to you over a number of jobs, to the value of £150, absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!

Yup, it’ll cost us money… but it actually makes sense.

By investing our money in demonstrating ourselves, we can prove we really are as good as we claim. And best of all, it won’t cost you a bean…

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