Meet The Team

With all the challenges posed by roadworks, traffic jams, and our guaranteed service level commitments, running a courier company can be a high-pressure business. Fortunately, we love what we do, get a real buzz from delivering happiness for our clients – and perhaps most importantly – we’ve got a great sense of humour.

Here are the people who make it all happen…

Meet The Team Grabbit and Run Couriers

Mark O

Mark has been with us for over 19 years and manages our day to day activities to ensure we continually deliver excellent customer service. His ‘Can do’ attitude and in-depth knowledge make him one of our ‘go to’ people and have helped tremendously in growing us to be one of Cambridge’s leading independent couriers. He’s also tall enough to reach most high shelves without a ladder!

Mark A

Mark has spent the last 14 years proving to be an absolute whiz at ensuring we deliver what we promise. Brilliant at planning, monitoring, and controlling – and completely cool under pressure – he keeps a very demanding environment running smoothly and efficiently and ensures each and every consignment is in the right place at the right time. Mark relaxes with huge family holidays and focussing on getting more noise and power from his souped-up Golf.

Meet The Team Grabbit and Run Couriers
Meet The Team Grabbit and Run Couriers

Nicola F

Nikki has been with Grabbit and Run since we started, managing the finances and figures to make sure we run smoothly, efficiently and profitably! Nikki juggles Grabbit and Run with a grown-up family and some mega awesome planning of the family holidays. If you ever need a holiday planner, talk to Nikki…

Jenny H

Jen’s our very own Mrs Fix-it. In addition to providing general support for the team, Jenny helps create our marketing pieces and run our I.T systems so the little things – like being able to operate effectively with email, and our specialist software, keep on happening. It’s strange how you never realise just how much you rely on your I.T – until it stops working!

Meet The Team Grabbit and Run Couriers

Pete H

Pete’s our managing director – and so passionate about all our clients having the best experience ever – he even made sure we guarantee it! Pete’s focus on quality and a ‘do your best’ attitude is part of the reason we’ve been able to stay at the top of our game and become the courier of choice for over 550 top Cambridge companies……the rest of it is down to a brilliant team of people!

Meet The Team Grabbit and Run Couriers
Meet The Team Grabbit and Run Couriers

Andy C

Andy has a well-rounded background in tech, finance and distribution, from both sides of the track – he’s a real ‘details’ man, bringing an analytical and planned approach to how we develop and grow the business and ensuring our marketing reaches everyone, hopefully without becoming too annoying. With two full grown children, Andy chills by reading statistical books and working out ways to make his cars go faster.

Sam H

Sam joined us fresh from college and is helping keep us at the forefront with all our web based stuff, marketing and social media. He’s a real petrol head and spends his time out cleaning, polishing and tuning his car ready for his car ‘meets’.

Meet The Team Grabbit and Run Couriers

Our Drivers

A dedicated, hardworking bunch, these guys and gals – come rain, snow or ‘shine, they play a huge part in making sure your deliveries get to the right place at the right time. Respect!

To get up to date information and photos of where our drivers have been recently, follow us on our social media!

Meet The Team Grabbit and Run Couriers

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