Planning a holiday abroad is stressful enough without having to worry about your passport. However, if yours is expired or up for renewal soon, it is better to act sooner rather than later to avoid any drama at the airport! There is a lot of speculation regarding the length of time it takes to apply for and receive a new passport, but how long it takes to be replaced is only half the problem. You’ve still got to get it delivered! Long wait times and strikes at the passport office have meant people are due to go on holiday and are still without a valid passport. If you want to learn how to avoid this nightmare and make your next holiday a truly relaxing experience, our passport delivery service has got you covered!

How Much Does It Cost to Renew a Passport?

The cost of passport renewal can vary depending on how you choose to apply for it. It is always cheaper to apply for a new passport online than by post, as you will avoid paying postal fees. If you require a passport urgently, the fees will increase again (for this service you must contact the Passport Adviceline). You can pay the amount by either credit/ debit card, cash, or cheque. Any supporting documents will be returned to you free of charge unless you opt for secure delivery.

As of April 2023, the government website lists the following standard passport prices:

  • Adult (16 and over) standard 34-page passport – £82.50 / paper form – £93
  • Adult (16 and over) 50-page frequent traveller passport – £93.50 / paper form – £104
  • Child (under 16) standard 34-page passport – £53.50 / paper form – £64
  • Child (under 16) 50-page frequent traveller passport – £64.50 / paper form – £75
  • Passport for people born on or before 2 September 1929 – FREE / paper form – FREE


How Long Does Passport Delivery Take?

Passport wait times have been a big topic in recent news due to strikes at the passport office. The government reports that over 5 million people delayed their passport applications in recent years as a result of international travel restrictions. In March 2022, more than one million passports were processed, which is the highest output the passport office has ever recorded. The standard wait time for a passport is currently 10 weeks, this allows for all the necessary checks to be conducted before the passport is issued. If there is missing information in your application, however, the wait time will be much longer.

Passport Delivery: Explained Grabbit and Run Couriers

How Will Passport Office Strikes Affect You?

The passport office is currently in the midst of strike action, which has many people concerned about the length of time it will take to process passport applications. In 2022, the average wait time was over 10 weeks due to a large increase in demand. However, it has been reported by the home office that the wait time is now down to just 3 weeks, even during times of industrial action. The government is still urging customers to leave as much time as possible for passport applications before they are due to travel. This recommended time period is 10 weeks before travel.


Brexit & EU Passports

Unfortunately, when it comes to your passport, the rules have changed post-Brexit. Before 2020, UK citizens were permitted to travel anywhere in Europe and the EU up to and on their passport expiry date. However, now UK citizens are now classified as ‘third country nationals’ by the EU, therefore to be able to travel, they are required to have:

  • A valid passport issued within the last 10 years
  • Have at least 3 months left on your passport after the date you will leave the EU country you plan on travelling to

The government recommends people travel with a minimum of 6 months’ validity on their passport to avoid any issues when trying to enter and exit an EU country. This will allow you to travel for up to 90 days and still exit the EU with a valid passport. 


Get Guaranteed Passport Delivery with Grabbit & Run

Travelling is stressful enough without having to worry about something as important as your passport! Although it is advised that you don’t book international travel without a valid passport, we know that this isn’t always a realistic option. If you have to travel suddenly or have arrived at the airport and relaised you’ve forgotten the most important item, you need a courier who will act fast to get it delivered to your final boarding call! That is why Grabbit & Run offers a fool-proof solution to passport delivery backed with our guarantees:

  • A commitment to excellent service – if you’re not satisfied with your service, we won’t charge you a penny.
  • On time delivery – if we fail, we’ll give you up to DOUBLE your money back.
  • On time collection – if we don’t collect within in 15 minutes of the agreed time, the service will be free of charge.


Stress-free Secure Passport & Legal Document Delivery

No one’s perfect, and everyone forgets something at least once in their life! If you find yourself in a sticky situation at the airport and realise you’ve packed everything except your passport, you no longer need to panic. With Grabbit & Run, you can have your passport picked up and delivered to any location in the UK at any time of the day.

If you want to find out more about our passport delivery service, or learn about our other same day courier services you can get in touch with a Grabbiteer today! We will be happy to offer advice and come up with the best and fastest solution for you to get the important documents you need delivered to you on time.

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