Superfast Same Day Delivery

People choose same day delivery for a reason. They need to get something delivered fast  – with no excuses.

That’s why we don’t just promise it’ll happen, but guarantee it with up to double your money back.

We’re the only courier you’ll find who makes those types of guarantees. It’s part of the reason that over 550 top Cambridge companies choose to rely on Grabbit & Run. The fact is, we’re as reliable as a wet British summer and so flexible you’d think we’re made of rubber, so whether your item is urgent, confidential or needs to be there before or after a specific time, you can be sure that we’ll move heaven and earth to make sure it happens.


And that’s Guaranteed.

Want more proof?

Our commitment is to deliver the best courier experience you’ve ever had – and it’s something we consistently achieve. 99.99% of our last 195,000 UK same day deliveries were made on-time, with a minimum of stress, fuss and hassle. And if you check us out online, you’ll find a host of 5* reviews on Google and Yell.

On-time delivery and quality service means you don’t need to worry about unhappy customers demanding to know why their package has failed to arrive, or have to make excuses to senior management who’re blaming you because your courier has let you down.

Sameday Grabbit and Run Couriers
Sameday Grabbit and Run Couriers
Sameday Grabbit and Run Couriers

UK Same Day Delivery Services at a Glance


We recognise that you’re choosing same day for a reason so we’ll make sure it gets there fast. No stress. No fuss. No excuses.

Our Same day courier services and the things you need to know.

  • UK wide same day (24/7) collection and delivery anywhere in the UK at the drop of a hat.
  • Local same day. Choose from ‘immediate’ or ‘end of day’ delivery options.
  • London. Immediate delivery or Economy Central London Service (CLS).  A pre-booked economy same day service into central London, designed for those ‘not so urgent’ same day deliveries.
  • Personal Courier Delivery – we’ve made secure personal deliveries to such places as Geneva, Ireland, Jersey, Holland and France and even the USA. Need a Visa, passport or legal documents sorted quickly? We’ll take it personally – do all the necessary queuing and deliver it back all ready for you to pack for your trip. No fuss, no stress, no hassle.
  • Post & DX collection and delivery – your post collected and delivered from DX and post offices.
  • UK wide collection service. We can collect anywhere in the UK and deliver to your chosen location via our network of 2,500 quality vetted vehicles
  • Choice of vehicles. As one of the largest independent same day couriers in Cambridge, whatever you need…from a van to a truck…we can normally help.
  • Our prices are all inclusive. What we quote is what you pay. No hidden fuel surcharges or tolls.
  • Full Indemnity Cover – all vehicles are insured to a standard minimum Goods In Transit level of £20,000 although this can be adjusted for specific ‘one offs’.
  • Need an out of hours collection and delivery? No problem. We’ll collect and deliver at any time of day or night every single day of the year.
  • You get complete peace of mind with real time tracking and immediate emailed Proof of delivery.
  • No impersonal call centres where you’re just a small fish in a large pond. You deal with a local office with friendly, knowledgeable and familiar members of staff.
  • Easy personal booking via e-mail or phone
  • Opening an account is easy. There’s no minimum spend and you just need to fill in one simple form.

Sameday European Dedicated Vehicles

Sometimes, relying on the next day networks to deliver to Europe can present a real problem. Items may be highly valuable, exceptionally time sensitive, or simply better suited to a fast, dedicated vehicle.  We’ve delivered same-day to Frankfurt (Germany), Paris (France), Porto (Portugal),  Vienna (Austria),  Prague (the Czech republic) and even inter-Germany (Berlin to Oberhausen).

Our Must Use Services

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