You’re here because your business needs to store stuff, right?

Good news, we can help – whether you’re storing sensitive documents, inventory, crucial equipment, or something else entirely.

At Grabbit and Run, we’ve been helping businesses with their storage requirements for years, which means we know more than a thing or two about secure and efficient storage solutions for valuable business assets.

We also know how and why things go wrong too, and in this article, we highlight some common issues businesses encounter when they’re selecting the right storage facility for them, as well explaining how to counteract those issues.

Business Storage – what can go wrong?

Let’s face it, business storage isn’t the most interesting topic in the world.

But it doesn’t stop it from being important.

The reality is that if you’ve got stock you need to store, or documents you need to keep hold of, they’ve got to go somewhere.

And with space at a premium, the question is: where?

Unfortunately, not all business storage facilities are created equal, and here’s just some of what can go wrong when you end up with the wrong one:

  • Damage

When choosing a business storage facility, you’re placing trust in them to look after your business assets, whatever they are.

That means looking after them properly, and ensuring they don’t get damaged.

The intention to do that might be there, but it’s important to consider some of the unforeseen ways things might get damaged – fire, flood etc – and ask what the storage facility does in the event of any of these things happening.

  • Theft

If you’re storing valuable or sensible items, you’ll obviously want to ensure they aren’t accessed by the wrong people.  A good storage facility will have plans and processes to mitigate the risk of theft, ensuring your items are kept safe and secure.

  • Loss

Let’s face it, storage solutions are ten a penny.  But they’re not all the same, and the level of organisation from one business storage facility to another varies widely.

A badly organised facility is bad news for you, as it drastically increases the chances of your items getting lost.  Before entrusting a facility with your assets, it’s worth asking the question of how they organise things, and the process they go through to find items as and when they’re required.

How do you identify a business storage facility you can trust?

  • Do they have verified reviews?

We don’t have to rely on a company’s word anymore – we can just find out what their customers think.

Heading online and checking out a company’s Google Reviews or TrustPilot will give you a much more rounded picture of whether they can be trusted or not, since you’ll get a customer’s view of the service, rather than what the business wants you to see.

Make sure you’re looking on a platform that uses verified reviews though, so you can be certain they’re not just made up.

  • Do they have security measures in place?

A good business storage facility isn’t just a warehouse – it’ll have proper security measures in place, from access control, to surveillance, to an alarm system.

If they don’t have any of the above, or tell you that they aren’t required for any reason, they probably aren’t the right business storager partner for you.

  • Do they collect and deliver, reliably?

It’s all very well having somewhere to store your assets, but if you can’t easily get hold of them when you need them, it’s a pain.

That’s why it makes sense to partner with a business storage facility that also has collection and delivery capabilities, so when you want to retrieve your assets, or you want them transported to a customer, supplier or other stakeholder, that can be done without huge effort or time on your part.

  • Do they communicate effectively?

It doesn’t matter how good a business storage facility is, if their communication is poor, your experience will be too.

And when you’re entrusting assets to them, you want a good, strong communication channel that’s always open, so you know where your stuff is at all times, and you’ve got complete clarity on what’s happening with it.

  • Is the price fair and transparent?

In the world of business storage, price is obviously a consideration.  But rather than looking for the lowest price, it’s more important to look for the highest value – after all, any old Tom, Dick or Harry can put a sign outside their shed and promise to store your valuables.

You want to pay a fair price for a great service, but more than that, it’s important you’ve got complete clarity on what the price actually is.

Too often, business storage facilities put together vague and undecipherable pricing structures, and this can cost you in the long run, literally.

  •  Is it completely clear what you pay for and what you don’t?

Unfortunately, there are plenty of storage providers that specialise in unforeseen extras – charges you had no idea that you were liable for, but now have no choice but to fork out for.

When looking for a business storage facility, make sure there aren’t any “extras” lurking in the background.

  • Are they known for great customer service?

Customer service is what sets a fantastic storage facility apart from an average one.

If you feel like the staff at your storage facility really do care, you’ll have greater confidence and peace of mind that your assets are being looked after.

Plus, it’ll be more pleasant to deal with them too.


Avoid Business Storage Nightmares with Grabbit & Run 

So, there we are – seven questions to ask to ensure your business storage goes off without a hitch, rather than turning into a nightmare.

Ask these questions AND get good answers, and you’ve got a great chance of getting the right business storage partner for your needs.

And if you’re looking for a business storage facility that ticks ALL of these boxes (and a few more), you’re in the right place.

At Grabbit & Run, we offer dependable and straightforward business storage services, which keep your assets safe, secure and accessible, and allow you to send them anywhere in the world, with just one phone call or a few clicks.

And with fair and transparent pricing and renowned customer service, dealing with us will be pleasant at every stage.

Worth a chat?  Call us now on 01223 423 403, and we’ll talk through your business storage needs today…


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