Packaging Tips and Tricks

Things you need to know about packaging your parcels…

Your consignment is often amongst hundreds of others. It will normally get pressed against, dropped, and exposed to all sorts of knocks and bangs. If you want it to arrive in the condition it left you, protect it with cushioning materials and good, strong packaging. If it’s not wrapped or packaged it won’t go. Typically, carriers set out their minimum requirements and it’s vital to follow them if you don’t want your parcel to be rejected or held back.

Useful Packaging Tips

  • Never assume that labelling your package fragile will be enough to protect the contents.
  • Try to ensure your packaging matches the content. So ideally don’t under fill or overfill your box because you run the risk of the box collapsing or even bursting
  • A decent quality wrapping material, ideally dual walled, that is strong, cushioned and durable will go some way to protecting your goods.
  • Strong tape and strapping can help secure the outside of your box.
  • If you’re sending liquids they need to be secured in leak free containers, packed in something like Styrofoam and secured in a plastic bag. The box should also show a ‘this way up’ label.
Tips and Tricks Grabbit and Run Couriers
Tips and Tricks Grabbit and Run Couriers
  • It is advisable to place your materials centrally in the box and cushion your materials with something like bubble wrap to avoid them moving.
  • Powders and fine grains need to be secured in sturdy plastic bags, securely sealed, and packed in rigid fibreboard boxes.
  • If you re-use a box, make sure you remove all previous labels –particularly if they are hazardous because otherwise you might find your package misrouted or held up in customs.
  • Some countries have very specific rules and regulations regarding wood packaging materials (not MDF or plywood) – to prevent a possible insect infestation – and failure to comply could mean fines, delays or even non-entry. You can find out more about this at

Pallet packaging advice and tips

Adequately protecting the things you send makes perfect sense. Pallets often get moved via truck – in all types of weather – and all types of conditions. Decent packaging could mean the difference between a profit or a loss.

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