More people are using courier services than ever before to transport goods to destinations far and wide. Getting packages safely to their desired location requires extra care and attention when it comes to packaging. If you invest in a good courier service, they should monitor your packages and ensure they make it in one piece. However, everyone is human, and accidents can happen, so you should ensure your parcel is wrapped up securely to give it all the added protection it needs. Here are some of the best tips and tricks for securely packaging your parcel.


Use Heavy-Duty Cardboard That Isn’t Damaged

When packing up your parcels, nothing is more important than packaging. This is what is ultimately going to protect your package from any bumps in the road during transit. If you are sending a smaller item like a framed photo, then a padded envelope is a great packing option as it is lightweight and will help to prevent any damage. For larger items, you will need a good quality cardboard box. Heavy-duty cardboard is the best, mainly if you are sending a few things at once. If you are re-using a box from a previous package, then you must check it is in good condition and free from any holes or tears.


Write Out Clear Labels

Another vital part of the packing process is labelling. Not writing clear labels can make or break whether or not your package makes it to the desired destination. Make sure you write out the recipient’s name and the full address you wish the parcel to be delivered to, including the postcode. Using weather-resistant labels or sealing your label on your package using clear tape will prevent the ink from smudging if your parcel gets wet. If the address is smudged and unclear, the courier will return the package to the sender for re-shipping. This can be frustrating and end up costing you more money. 


Note: If you are re-using boxes, ensure you remove old labels and bar codes to avoid any confusion, misroutes or your parcels being stuck at a sorting hub.


Internally Wrap & Label Fragile Items

Some packages can often include valuable items that require extra care and attention to ensure they don’t break during transit. Inner packaging is essential for ceramics, glass, and other fragile items that can be easily damaged if they aren’t packaged securely with plenty of padding to prevent them from moving. It is also important to label your packages as fragile to ensure the courier and recipient take extra care when handling them.


Seal All Openings With a Strong Parcel Tape

Using good tape is essential for preventing your parcel from opening in transit. Using a product to fill in any gaps is always advised. You can use anything soft and lightweight, like bubble wrap, polystyrene packing ships, or paper. Make sure all space is filled, and the items inside the box cannot move. Using a lightweight product will also prevent you from increasing the cost of shipping your parcel.

If you follow these simple tips and tricks, your parcels will be secure and safely arrive in one piece every time. For more advice and to arrange a reliable local Cambridge, national or international courier service, call Grabbit & Run today.

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